Wine, Beer, and All Your Best Friends.

Grapes & Grain was built specifically so your guests could get tasty drinks without the happy couple jumping through all sorts of tangled legal and logistical hoops. No more unanticipated worries over glassware, TABC licenses, item quantities, and all that mess that ultimately distracts from the fun you’re trying to have.

Located right next to the legendary Fang & Feather Distillery, it’s conveniently nestled between Tuscan Gardens and the Veranda Room. Your guests can easily swing over from any of our venues and grab a drink (paying for themselves or letting you cover their tab).

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3 Payment Options

(1) Let your guests pay for themselves. (2) Pay the entire tab yourself. (3) Pay the tab up to your predetermined limit, and then guests start to pay.

You're In Control

It’s your big day so why should you be forced to follow a venue’s preferred way to get paid? Whether you want your guests to pay for themselves, you want to pay for them, or some combination of the two, we’re here for you.

Elegant & Affordable

You won't be stuck paying outrageous rates like you do at a theme park or hotel room service. Many times a venue will take advantage of their exclusivity to lower the quality and raise the prices. We take the opposite approach.

Keeping Austin Weird

You don’t have to choose between local options or big name favorites. We make sure to keep a balance of popular / familiar drinks as well as Texas / Austin beverages. So whether your guests want to try something new or not, we have you covered.

More Fun. Less Stress.

Grapes & Grain Gallery