Venue Rental Rates

Veranda Room Rates

$450 per hour
3 hour minimum

Includes private courtyard, complimentary tables & chairs, and classic linens. Classic linens are high quality ivory tablecloths, and black underlays are added to the head table and all serving tables.

Monday – Thursday $2000
Friday, Saturday, Sunday – $2800
All Day: 11:00am – 11:00pm

Includes setup & cleanup, an event manager to coordinate catering deliveries, Private Courtyard, Tables, Chairs, Beverage Station, Disposable Flatware & Tableware, up to 4 Warming Chaffers, and Classic Linens at no extra charge.

For an All-Inclusive Package, add one of our Catering Options!

Tuscan Hall Rates

$500 per hour
4 hr. minimum, available Mon – Thurs

Includes Tables and your choice between 100 Gold Chiavari and/or 100 White Wedding Chairs. Hourly rentals do not include as many services as full-day rentals, but they can be purchased a la carte.

Monday – Thursday: $4500
Friday $5000 | Saturday $6000 | Sunday $5000
All Day: 11:00am – 11:00pm

Includes Setup & Cleanup, an Event Manager to coordinate catering deliveries, Luxury Bridal Suite, Tables, Beverage Station, Disposable Flatware & Tableware, up to 4 Warming Chaffers, Classic Linens, Centerpieces, 100 Gold Chiavari and/or 100 White Wedding Chairs.

For an All-Inclusive Package, add one of our Catering Options!

Bridal Suite

Our beautiful Bridal Suite is included with all Tuscan Hall Full-Day rental rates. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, 2 salons, and a spacious lounge with kitchenette. The link below also includes details for adding the suite as an a la carte option to Tuscan Hall hourly bookings and Veranda Room bookings.

See more about the Bridal Suite

Policy Agreement – Veranda Room/Tuscan Hall

The risk of insult is the price of clarity.” – Roy Williams

The above quote is taken from book 1, chapter 1 in the New York Times bestselling Wizard of Ads trilogy written by Roy H. Williams, the owner of the Veranda Room and Tuscan Hall. With that quote in mind, we hope you will accept our apologies in advance for the tone of this agreement. It is not our intention to speak condescendingly or to insult you, but even the warmest of intentions and the sharpest of memories are no match for pale ink.

This agreement is written for the purpose of clarity. Again we apologize for the rigidity of the language: All reservations for the use of the Veranda Room and Tuscan Hall are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Food/Beverages/Alcohol: You may serve food and beverages but only a licensed bartender may serve alcohol. You can choose any licensed bartender you want or we can give you some recommendations, but we will need a copy of their license at least 2 weeks prior to your event. If this license is not in our possession, no alcohol will be served.

Delivery and Pickups are your responsibility and should be coordinated with your Event Manager. (If your people don’t arrive when scheduled, they are likely to find the hall locked.) We do not sign for deliveries. Rental items may not be left overnight. We will not assume liability or responsibility for damages to, or loss of personal property, equipment, merchandise or articles left prior to, during, or following a function.

No early drop-offs. When you rent a venue you are paying to have use of the facility during the time you have rented it. This includes not just your celebration time, but any access to the facility.

Theft and/or Damages to property: Please know that we will take legal action against anyone who maliciously causes damage to our facilities or campus. You may be held responsible for the actions of your guests. Please don’t invite anyone you don’t trust unconditionally.

Musicians and Entertainers are allowed. But ALL amplified music must contained indoors. You cannot have a DJ outdoors. Acoustic stringed instruments – harps and guitars – may be used outdoors as well as soft-voiced instruments like flutes. Drums and brass horns are to be contained within the hall. As with your other guests, you are responsible for the behavior and actions of your hired talent. If you are asked by your Event Manager to move your music indoors you must do so immediately or your event may be ended immediately and without refund.

Audio/Video Equipment: You are permitted to provide and play your own CD’s and DVD’s on your own equipment. (DVDs will require that you provide your own screen, projector, etc.) You may rent the in-house A/V screen & projector or in-house sound system, but only staff is permitted to use the in-house equipment.

ADA – The Veranda Room and Tuscan Hall are handicap accessible. We recommend elderly guests be dropped off and picked up at the handicap entrance.

Displays and Decorations are allowed but cannot be permanently attached (no nails, staples, or tacks) to walls or ceilings. Adhesive tape is the only acceptable form of attachment. No confetti inside or outside. Real candles must be in votives.

Bubbles are allowed. Confetti and birdseed are not permitted inside or outside.

Smoking is not permitted indoors. Smoking is only allowed outdoors in the designated smoking areas.

Safety- We will not assume liability or responsibility for the safety of clients, guests or invitees brought to our campus. Please watch children carefully and do not allow anyone to climb trees, rock walls or enter the water feature.

Deposits & Payments:

  1. Rental Fees – A 25% deposit of your rental fee is required to reserve your date. The balance of your rental fee and payment for all your upgrade options are due in full 30 days prior to the event.
  2. Security/Damage Deposit – A $500 security/damage deposit is required for Tuscan Hall and/or the Bridal Suite. A $250 deposit is required for the Veranda Room. This deposit is due with the 25% Rental Fee and is required to reserve your date. We reserve the right to keep all or part of your Security/Damage Deposit for any damages to the property, its contents, the grounds or failure to leave the premises in a neat and orderly condition. If damage is done in excess of the amount of the security deposit, you will be held accountable for paying any additional amount to cover repair or replacement as determined by the Owner. You will also be held accountable for any missing item(s). We strongly advise you not to invite guests if you don’t want to be held responsible for their actions. The deposit will be returned to you via check within 7 to 10 business days after the event.
  3. Catering Fees – Catering fees are due in full 30 days prior to your event. If you add guests to your catering event with less than 30 days notice, you’ll be surcharged $10 per additional guest (for the last minute changes).

Cancellations: When we receive your deposit check, we begin telling other parties that the facility you chose is no longer available on the date and at the time that you have chosen. This eliminates our ability to rent the facility to other parties. This is why we have a cancellation fee.

  1. Rental Fees – Cancellations made 120 days or more before the scheduled event will receive only a 50% refund of rental fees paid. Cancellations made between 119 and 60 days prior to the event will be refunded 25% of money paid. Events cancelled less than 60 days prior to the event will receive no refund of rental fees paid.
  2. Security/Damage Deposit – Your Security/Damage Deposit is refunded in full, of course, in the event of cancellation.
  3. Catering Fees – If the event is cancelled more than 15 days prior to the event, 100% of the Catering Fees will be refunded. No refund will be given for any Catering Fees if the event is cancelled less than 15 days prior to the event.

Force Majeure: In no event shall we be liable for consequential damages of nature for any reason including but not limited to weather, malicious damage, etc. Should an emergency make it impossible for the facilities to accommodate you and your guests, your event may be rescheduled, however should you choose not to reschedule, your rental fees will not be refunded.

Rights – The use of the Veranda Room and Tuscan Hall is a privilege, not a right. Please remember that you are guests on private property. We ask that all guests show proper respect to the facilities and the surrounding campus. Please limit vehicle speeds to no more than 25 MPH on Crystal Hills Drive. Residents of the area often walk along that road and are sensitive to cars passing at dangerous speeds.

We reserve the right to observe all private functions and to cancel any event which goes beyond the bounds of propriety. In such cases no refund will be made. Anyone being disrespectful will be asked to leave the premises and if compliance is not immediately forthcoming, the authorities will be called to assist and the event may be cancelled.

Wow – that was a lot to cover and at times I’m sure it seemed downright unfriendly. Sorry about that. We hope you understand the need for these policies and we hope you’ll feel free to contact us with any questions.

Contact us to make a reservation.