Policy Agreement – Veranda Room/Tuscan Hall

The risk of insult is the price of clarity.” – Roy Williams

We apologize for the rigidity of the language in this document and hope you will understand that its purpose is only to clarify, not to offend.  Thank you! :)

Photo Sessions and Rehearsals are both complimentary at Tuscan Hall, but need to be scheduled with your Venue Manager. To keep Tuscan Hall more affordable, we may host more than one event each weekend, so rehearsals cannot be guaranteed for the day prior your event.

We Will Provide You a Venue Manager The Venue Manager gives you access to Tuscan Hall during your rental time period, quietly monitors compliance with all policies during the event, and performs a post-event walkthrough with your Designated Contact Person. The Venue Manager is not your event planner or your event coordinator, so they do not handle the transportation of your guests on or off the property. But we’re happy to give you some recommendations.

Who Will Be Your Designated Contact Person? We don’t want to be responsible for sending mixed signals or providing incorrect communication to your team, so please inform your vendors, agents, and employees that all information will come directly from your Designated Contact Person (an event coordinator, friend, or family member.) This person will be everyone’s main point of contact on the day of the event. This person should arrive early and check-in with the Tuscan Hall Venue Manager, then raemain on-site throughout the event. Please choose your Contact Person at least 20 days prior to the event.

We cannot sign for deliveries, or accept responsibility for damages to – or loss of – personal property, equipment, merchandise or articles left prior to the event, during the event, or following the event. In other words, please keep track of your stuff. Likewise, we cannot accept early drop-offs.

Choose Your Date Carefully The minute you sign your contract, we begin telling everyone else that your date is no longer available. We host more than 1,000 weddings per year on this property, so a $500 surcharge will be collected each time you change the date of your contracted event.

Things Change Occasionally Changes and improvements are made on an ongoing basis. We cannot promise that the venue will look exactly like it did on the day you first saw it. (Here’s a little secret: our grass isn’t always green in the wintertime.) Please don’t ask for a rate reduction.

Cancellations made 120 days or more prior to the event will receive a 50% refund of rental fees paid. Cancellations 119 days to 60 days prior to the event will receive a 25% refund. No rental fees will be refunded for events cancelled less than 60 days prior to the event.

Your security/damage deposit will be refunded 100% if your event is cancelled at any time prior to your event. It will also be refunded 100% if you leave things undamaged. If for any reason the police are called and/or a complaint is filed by any party for any reason, you will forfeit your entire security deposit, so please choose your guests carefully. Security/damage deposits will be mailed within 2 weeks following your event.

Should an emergency make your event impossible, your event may be rescheduled at no additional charge. Should you choose not to reschedule, your rental fees will not be refunded.

It’s Late. The Party’s Over. Go Home. ☺ Your credit card will be charged $125 for every 15 minutes that you or your party remains on the property beyond the end of your rental period. This is $500 an hour.

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